13th January 2018
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April 2016
What a day at the French Bulldog club champ show.
180 dogs entered and this young man shone bright like a diamond ... Frabull's Prince Oberyn at Kingfriend
Winning dog CC RBIS and BPIS .........
Making her debut at show KF Miss Jada at Frabull wins minor puppy bitch then takes the RCC under breed judge Mr Chris Bristow Byrock
What a fab day, congratulations Ben and Aishya

January 2016
We are proud to announce the result of BIS BISS MULTI CH Mr. Nemo of Kingfriend as #1 French Bulldog, #1 Toy Dog and #3 All breed ranking!!!
We are sure he will keep bringing up great results this 2016!!!
With huge congratulations and thanks to Siben and Stephanie and Edgar Cruz for this wonderful 2015 and great work with Nemo!!

October 2015
A great day at South Wales Show
Following on from her litter brother Mr Chow's CC last week, Miss California takes her 2nd CC and BoB under respected dog lady and breed judge Frances Krall.

Driffield Dog Show - Mr Chow wins the dog CC , with thanks to judge Janet Furneaux

Belfast Dog Show - Mr Chow took the BOB under breed judge Ben Hines and Group 2 under judge Mr Dave Killilea.

Mr Chow finishes the year as one of the top frenchies in the U.K after limited shows in 2015

March 2015
The first month of shows for the new year, has seen some excellent results for KF around the world. 11 Countries and 5 new Champions.

Thailand - Mulit Ch Mr Situation wins the breed, making him a Champion.

Mexico/USA - Mex CH Mr OMG travels to the US and wins the breed and his final points to become a US Champion.

Ireland - Multi CH Miss World wins Rcc and gains her Celtic Winners Junior Title.

China - Ch Mr Seven wins 2 x BOB, 1 x Group2, 1 x Group3 and with these wins closes his international title.
An amazing debut for Miss Fabulous winning Best Pup in Breed, Best Pup in Group and Puppy BIS4.

Poland/Korea Multi CH Mr Shogun has been on his travels winning 2 x Res. cacib in Lithuania and then onto close his Polish Championship.

Taiwan - Multi CH Mr Ali carrys on his winning streak winning BISS

Spain Mr Bombastic wins 1st Junior and Jnr CAC and his Jnr Luxembourg champion title.

Singapore Showing her socks off Miss LALA, at her debut show the SKC 16th FCI International Dog Show winning Reserve Best Minor Puppy in Show.

UK Crufts - Miss California wins Yearling bitch after a strong class 15 .
Other UK show saw Miss World win BOB and Group 2, and Miss Unique win Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3

A fantastic start to the show season, huge congratulations to all owners, handlers and thanks to all judges, we are thrilled with the results.

31st December 2014 - A year in reflection
This year has seen some outstanding achievements with the dogs we have bred. They have travelled far and wide, being shown at many prestigious shows across the globe, achieving there Championship titles in many places.

UK/Taiwan - Spending such a short time of 5 months in both the UK and Taiwan in 2014, Multi CH KF Mr Ali maintained an excellent ranking of No.2 Male in UK, & No.2 overall in breed in Taiwan. He also spent 2 months in the Philippines, where he gained his PH Grand title.

Korea - Multi CH KF Mr Wow ranked No.1 in breed & No. 6 all breeds. Mr Wow is the FIRST EVER frenchie to go BEST IN SHOW in Korea.

Ireland - Jnr CH KF Miss Wicked was No.1 bitch in breed. She has gained many junior titles across Europe in 2014, and was Best Puppy in Show at Liege Golden Show in Belgium in July.

Argentina - Multi Jnr CH KF Mr Tango, No.1 puppy in breed & No.1 jnr in breed. Tango has been shown all across South-American gaining many titles along the way. He has won many Best Puppy in Shows. What a fantastic year for this boy.

Venezuela - CH KF Mr Gocho, No.1 jnr in breed & No.1 jnr in group.

China - CH KF Miss Whiplash, ranked No.4 in breed & CH KF Mr Seven, ranked No.5 in breed. Outstanding results with such tough competition.

UK - CH Friend De La Parure of KF - Top Stud Dog in breed for the 6th year running.

Five of our dogs have won with top honours in the UK this year.
Mr Wow, Mr Ali, Mr Chow, Miss California & Miss World.

Miss World, being the biggest winner of all. Winning 3 x BEST in SHOW, 1 x Res. BEST in SHOW. One of her Best in Show wins was from the biggest entry registered in the UK, of over 225 franchise. At this time she was under 12 months of age beating them all - how proud we are.

With thanks to all Owners, Handlers, co-Breeders & Judges for a fantastic year for these dogs.
******** HAPPY NEW YEAR and Wishing you all the Best of Luck for 2015 ********

18th November - ******2 new CHAMPIONS******
China - Miss Whiplash.
Indonesia - Mr Blake.
Congratulations to the owners & handlers, and thanks to all judges concerned.

16th November 2014 - It's been awhile, and we have had some amazing results over the last 4 weeks
UK - FB Club Show - Miss World is Best Puppy in Show & Best in Show, her 2nd in 3 weeks. Miss California winning Junior class.
Taiwan - Multi CH Mr Ali wins Back to Back BISS , Group 1 & BIS 2 Mr Shaggy - Best Puppy & Puppy Group 3. The following show Mr Shaggy was Best Puppy, Puppy Group 1 & BPIS 3. & Multi CH Mr Ali - BOB & Group 4.
China - Ch Mr Seven, wins CH class & Group 1 Miss Whiplash **** NEW CHAMPION **** BOB x 2 & Group 1, Group 2 & BIS 2, now joining her 2 sisters Miss World & Miss Wicked winning BEST IN SHOW.
Korea - Multi Ch Mr WOW - BOB & Group 3, continuing his unbeaten winning streak, making him Current No.1 in breed & No. 4 ALL BREEDS. Multi Ch Mr Shogun - BoB x 2 & Group 3.
Jakarta - Mr Blake - 3 x BoB, 3 x CAC & 1 x Group 3.
Thailand - Multi CH Mr Situation makes his debut - 2 x Best winners CC, 2 x RCACIB Mr Lover wins BOB
Argentina - Multi Junior CH Mr Tango - Back to back, Jnr BOB's
Spain - Mr Bombastic shows in France and wins Puppy BOB, Puppy Group 1 & BPiS 5.
Mexico - Mr OMG - ***NEW JNR CHAMPION*** in a 4 day show, 4 x Jnr BOB, 4 x Best male & 1x Group 1.
Venezula - Jnr CH Mr Gocho - back to back Jnr BOB's & Group 1 x 2 With this win, he is currently top jnr in breed.

With thanks as always to all owners/handlers and everybody involved making this possible. - TEAM KF

29th September 2014 - Exciting Wins this weekend from around the Globe.
1 day, 4 shows, 3 new CHAMPIONS & 1 BISS.
Poland - Mr Reggie closes his Championship title
Philippines - Miss Ava, Back to back winners bitch, closing her Championship title.
Argentina - Multi Jnr CH Mr Tango, travelled to Brazil, and closed his Brazilian Championship.
UK - Miss World at the MNFBC show, from the biggest entry of the year of 225 frenchies, she wins bitch CC & **** BEST IN SHOW****
Mexico - Mr OMG, after a 10 day special, takes 9 x Best Male, 4 x Group 2, 2 x Group 1, 1 x BEST IN SHOW, & 1 x BEST IN SPECIALITY SHOW.
China - CH Mr Seven, 3 x BoS, 1 x BoB, 1 x Group 3.
Ireland - Miss Wicked - BoB, with her 9th Green Star.
Taiwan - Mr Shaggy, Best puppy from 14 pups. Group 1 & BPIS 3.
Korea - Multi int CH Mr Wow, wins BoB.
Venezula - Mr Gocho, Best Male and Reserve Best JR in Show

Outstanding results as always from a great team, with thanks to all owners, handlers involved.

21st July 2014 - Weekend Results from across the world... 2 new CHAMPIONS
Thailand - Mr Lover wins 2 x cc & 2 x BoB, with these wins he closes his championship title.
Taiwan - Mr Shaggy makes his debut, and is BoS from puppy.
Uruguay - Mr Tango wins 1 x Best Jnr & 1 x BoB, with these wins closes his championship title.
Poland - Miss Julia wins 1 x Jnr BoB & 1 x BoB.
Belgium - at the Liege Golden Show. Mr Nemo wins 1st Intermediate & Miss Wicked carrys on her unbeaten run winning Best Puppy in breed and ********* BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ********.

USA - Mr Chow is winners dog.
UK - Miss World wins Best Puppy in Breed, ***** BEST PUPPY in SHOW**** & *******RESERVE BEST in SHOW ******** at the French Bulldog Club Open Show. (Litter sister to Miss Wicked). Miss Fancy - Best Puppy, BoB & Puppy Group 1.

With thanks as always to all judges, owners & handlers, a fantastic weekend for everybody.

29th June 2014 - A great weekend of shows around the world
Ireland - Miss Wicked , picks up 2 x Reserve Green Starts this weekend.
Belgium - Miss California wins Best Opposite Sex.
Korea - Mr Wow, continues his reign with a Best of Breed and Group 3.
Thailand - Mr Lover makes his debut, winning Best of Winners and Best of Breed.
Argentina - Mr Tango wins Best Puppy, Group 1 & 3rd BEST PUP IN SHOW.

With thanks to all owners handlers & judges for thinking so highly of our dogs.

15th June 2014 - A New UK CHAMPION

UK Multi CHAMPION MR ALI, closes his title yesterday, winning his 3rd CC in 6 shows. (Taking 1 more show than his litter mate Mr WOW). In 13 months these two boys have had some impact on the UK scene.

With thanks to many people Geoff Corish & Michael Coad for there excellent presentation skills as always.

Mourning Chang - Happy Fathers Day from your son Ali. A million thank you's to you, his owner for letting us campaign him here in the UK. He'll be home to you soon.

And never forgetting the 'family' Van Raamsdonk, for giving us the best of their breeding Friend DLP x Imadorable DLP, making superstars with Wow & Ali.

Friend DLP,still proving you don't have to be seen to be heard.

8th June 2014 Another week of shows and another ***Championship*** title gained.
7 countries/8 dogs...

UK - Multi CH Mr Ali, wins his 2nd CC in just his 5th UK show.
Ireland - Mr Nemo wins reserve green star. Miss Wicked, wins her 2nd green star from puppy.
Poland - Miss Julia wins Best Puppy in Breed.
Argentina - Mr Tango wins Best Puppy, Group 1 & *** BEST PUP IN SHOW ***
Mexico - Mr OMG had a 4 day show, wins on all 4 days, BEST PUPPY, Best of Breed from puppy, going on to win a Group 1 and a *** BEST PUP IN SHOW ***
Indonesia - Mr Fantastic, had a 2 day show winning 2 x Best dog, 2x Dog CC & 1 x CACIB.
Venezuela - Jnr CH Mr Gocho wins the breed, making him a *** JNR CHAMPION ***

As always with thanks to all owners and handlers, and huge congratulations.

25th Mai 2014 - 2 new CHAMPS in the last week, another great SHOW TIME from 8 countries around the world.
UK - Multi CH Mr Ali, wins CC
Miss California wins puppy stakes bitch from 60 bitches.
Miss Fancy, Puppy Group & Puppy Group 4.
Ireland - Jnr CH Mr Nemo, wins Green STAR, with this closes his championship title. Also winning 2 x reserve Green stars.
Debut for Miss Wicked and wins Green STAR, at 7 months old.
USA - Mr Chow takes another 3pt major.
Poland - Multi CH Mr Shogun, wins RCAC & RCACIB
Korea - Multi CH Mr Wow, makes his debut and wins Best of Breed.
Venezuela - Mr Gocho wins Best Puppy, BoB, Puppy Group 2 & Adult Group 3.
China - A new CHAMPION... Mr Seven, winning 3 x BoB, 2x Group 3, 1x Group4.
Argentina - Mr Tango wins 3 x Best Puppy, 3 x Group1 , & 2 x 3rd Best pup in Show, & 1 x 4th Best Pup in Show. Followed by another Best Puppy & Group 2. He is now NO.1 PUPPY ALL BREEDS in Argentina.

Congratulations to all owners & handlers with your fantastic results. So proud of all the achievements made.

28th April 2014 - SHOW TIME !!!!! Let the FUN begin
The new season has started...10 dogs, 7 Countries.
First weekend of shows for the year, and fantastic results from around the world.

USA - Mr Chow, picks up a 3 pt major.
Taiwan - TW Ch Miss Twiggy wins BoS.
Ireland - Mr Nemo wins Green star, BOB and 3rd in Jnr stakes.
Mexico - Mr OMG makes his debut at a 4 day show.
Day 1 - Best Puppy, puppy Group1
Day 2 - Best Puppy , Best Male & Puppy Group 1
Day 3 - Best Puppy, Best Male, Puppy Group 1 & 3rd **BEST PUP in SHOW**
Day 4 - Best Puppy & Puppy Group 2
Argentina - Mr Tango makes his debut (litter brother to OMG & Julia)
Day 1 - Best Puppy, Puppy Group 1 & ************** BEST PUP IN SHOW **************
Day 2 - Best puppy, Puppy Group1 & **** Reserve BEST PUP IN SHOW ****
Poland - at the Polish club show Satuday
Miss Julia was 1st in minor puppy from a class of 10. **************** BEST PUP IN SHOW *****************
Multi CH Mr Shogun, 1st Champion class.
UK - Multi CH Mr Ali, makes his debut, 1st Open class and RCC.
Minor Puppy - with a class of 17, Miss California wins, with Miss World 2nd.
Miss California goes on to win BEST PUPPY in breed against nearly 50 pupsand 3rd in puppy stakes.

With thanks to the following - Blake Donovan Hamman, Pete Photos, Mourning Chang, Ozzy KesaSonasfrenchies, Lisa Croarkin, Viana AC, Wonderland Kennel, Leo Fiore, Finebull Kennel, Joanna Dzikiewicz, Margaret Jennings, Jan Aprika, Geoff Corish, Michael Coad

We are thrilled with all the results, with thanks to everyone and all there hard work.

Happy 8th Birthday to my special boy
Wham v. Fivelzight

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