As the year draws to the end, we reflect on the rankings of our dogs worldwide.
This year 7 dogs have 'topped' in their countries.

UK -
UK CH Friend DLP - Continues his reign as Top Stud Dog in the Breed for the 5th year running. Making him historic in the breed.

With thanks to Dimitry, Chantal, Riki & Victor for our little 'treasure' and all the foundations you have laid for us along the way. As a result all these dogs below are decendants of yours.

Multi CH KF Mr Wow - Ranked No.2 in UK.

With thanks to Geoff & Michael for there excellent handling as always.

Mexico -
Multi Ch KF Mr Valentino - No.1 in the breed, and No.5 in the group.

With thanks to Viana AC (Ana &Ceasar) for all your hard work.

Taiwian -
TW CH KF Mr Ali - No.1 in breed.
Tw Ch KF Miss Twiggy - No.1 female in breed.

Congratulations to Mourning Chang, you must be so proud.

Philippines -
Multi Ch KF Mr Wow - Ranked No. 3 in the Philippines, after leaving in April to come to the UK.
Multi Ch KF Miss Paris - No.2 in breed, after taking 7 months out to be a 'mommy'.

With special thanks as always to Frederick Tan, Grace Lim-Tan Rufino Palicpic for looking after this special boy.

Brazil -
Multi Ch KF Mr Situation - Finishes No.1 imported dog in Brazil.
Also in Top 5 in Breed. A big thanks to Alex Claudia Dicar & Monica Berenhauser Borba, for looking after our boy, and working so hard with him.

Congratulations to all other KF dogs achieving CH titles in their respective countries this year.
Once again, a million thank you's to you all in helping to achieve this.

Happy New Year xxx

1st and 2nd June 2013 - Weekend results
This weekends show results .... 1st and 2nd June UK.... KF Miss Aprika Reserve Best Bitch. Indonesia KF Mr Fansatic makes his debut on Saturday with Best Puppy Male, followed up on Sunday by Best Puppy Male and Best Male in Breed. MEXICO..... MULTI CH KF Mr Valentino wins Best of Breed both days and group 2 and 4. KF Miss Diane wins Junior Best of Breed and Junior Group 4. Congratulations to all owners and handlers.

May 2013 - Results from around the world and WDS
Results from around the world - 18,19,25 and 26th May UK ..... KF Mr Jack Daniels, 1st yearling dog. KF Miss Mika was Reserve Best of Breed. Multi CH KF Mr Wow..... 3rd Champion class at World Dog Show Hungary. Mexico held a 4 day show. Mex. Pan AM CH. KF Mr Valentino obtains 3 x Best of Breed, 3 x Group 1, and a Reserve BEST IN SHOW. KF Miss Diane, 4 x Best opposite sex, 2 x Group 2, and 1 x group 4. Korea ..... KF Mr Shogun becomes a CHAMPION Taiwan .... CH KF Mr Ali wins 2nd Champion Class, KF Miss Twiggy wins Puppy Bitch at her debut show. Fantastic wins all round, congratulations to Mourning Chang, Viana AC, Dong Hyun Kim, all handlers and all involved.

20th April 2013 - The WOW is Back......
Multi Best in Show, Multi Champion KF Mr Wow is back at the KF residence........... No.1 in Breed, No.8 of all Breeds in Philippines 2012 No.3 in Breed in Thailand 2012 Currently Top in Breed 2013 in Philippines A very special combination of UK CH Friend De La Parure x Imadorable De La Parure, with special thanks to Raamsdonk family. A Million Thank You's for all at Team Dub for your support. Fred, Grace, Rufino and Dra. Cris Pineda Alcantara for all you have done with our special boy.

1st April 2013 - Weekend Results
Weekend Results from Brazil and Korea...... Brazil... KingFriend Mr Situation was Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Group at this weekends show. Korea...KingFriend Mr Shogun also Best of Breed this weekend. Congratulations to all owners and handlers involved.....

April results 2013 - Around the world
Last 2 weekends Show Results..... Korea... KF Mr Shogun, Best of Breed for 2 consecutive weekends. Poland...KF Mr Reggie, Best JNR Male. UK.... FB Club Show 21st April KF Miss Mika was Minor puppy bitch. KF Miss Aprika wins Open Brindle Bitch. This weekend....... Brazil Jnr BR Ch KF Mr Situation wins Best Male yesterday. today, Best Male and Best of Breed. Mexico American and MEX CH KF Mr Valentino, wins Best of Breed and Group 4. With this win he closes his Pan American Championship, putting him No.1 in breed KF Miss Diane...Group 1 and also BEST IN SHOW and on the 2nd day Best of Breed and Group 2. UK.... Multi Ch KF Mr Wow wins Open dog and Reserve CC at WELKS show. KF Mr Jack Daniels was 1st Yearling dog. and KF Miss Aprika was 1st Post Graduate Thank you to all handlers and owners around the world for all there hard work and dedication.

17th March 2013 - Results around the world
Great Results for Our Males This Weekend ...Wow and Situation Multi CHAMPION... Multi Best in Show.... KF Mr WOW Obtaining HALL of FAME, at his last show before returning to the UK, What a way to finish in the Philippines. Also obtaining back to back Best of Breed under Canadian judges Mr Edgar Bajona, and Ms Ann Hennigan. With a million Thanks You's to Frederick Tan, Grace Lim-Tan and Rufino Palicpic Jnr Brazilian CHAMPION KF Mr Situation wins 3 x Best of Breeds.... Good Luck for the Jnr BEST in SHOW ring later today..... Again a million Thank You's Dicar Kennel, Monica Berenhauser Borba.

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